A very naughty horse.

We are delighted to reveal the cover and introduce our newest signing, 3-day event rider Lottie Prentice. A Tale of Ted is the debut children’s book from the British Team member and features her star horse Ted (competed as Father Jerry). The book will be illustrated by Cotswold-based artist Lorna Gray. Pre-order your copy today >

There will be a special launch event for this book in early May. Details will be announced nearer the time.

A Tale of Ted

“Once upon a time there was a beautiful grey horse called Ted. He was very very handsome. He loved to gallop and jump big fences.”

Ted was also very very naughty. He would always nip the blacksmith on the bottom just when he was in the right position and as for injections given by the vet, well the least said about them the better.

“These visits were memorable, but largely for the wrong reasons . . .”

But Ted’s antics don’t stop at biting the farrier or terrifying the vet. Join Rhino the dog, Barney the owl and the sheep next door and discover what happens when Ted makes his naughtiest act yet . . .