Have you written your memoir, general fiction or poetry?

Are you keen to get published?

Crumps Barn Studio is here to help you fulfill your dreams as an author.

We publish memoirs, general fiction and poetry. We also offer an in-house illustration service for children’s picture books and graphic novels. We are a high quality, friendly publisher ready to help you fulfill your dreams with that special book. We offer excellent terms and we pay royalties on any sales through our outlets.

Crumps Barn Studio can help you whether you are hoping to publish just a few copies for friends and family or if you are ready to release your book as a commercial venture. In the main, we operate on a collaborative basis where our authors contribute to the cost of publishing their book. We find this is a flexible and efficient route into print. Our authors benefit from our expertise in terms of design, formatting and distribution, ensuring that every title that we release is creatively produced as well as effective.

We meet most of our authors through word-of-mouth, which should give a rough indication of our reputation for reliability! Naturally, we are delighted to welcome submissions through this website. We publish the majority of our books to Amazon paperback and Amazon Kindle, which are international sellers, and we also supply the national distribution network so that UK bookshops can order our books easily.

In short, we are here to help you produce the book that fulfills your dreams as an author while allowing you to feel empowered by the control and direction you have over your work.

If you would like to know more, please get in touch.

What do we do?

We can publish your book to Amazon Kindle and paperback.

Amazon Kindle is a wonderful way of reaching readers from all over the world. It is an ebook format. Included in our publishing service is all text formatting and layout work to ensure your book works as beautifully on a digital screen as it does in print.

Amazon paperback printing is a new service offered by Amazon. It is also an international service so friends and fans from far-flung places can still have the opportunity to read your book in a beautifully produced paperback edition. Included in our publishing service is all text formatting, layout and cover design work, ensuring the print edition of your book will be a real treasure.

UK paperback distribution which requires a larger print run is ideal for authors who attend book signings, literary events and public speaking. These books are available to national distributors so that UK bookshops can place orders.

What do we do when we publish a book?
We publish memoirs, general fiction and poetry. We can also produce illustrations for children’s books and graphic novels. We have two in-house illustrators so we should be able to find a style that suits your tastes.
Our services include:

  • Text formatting and full layout work for both ebook and paperback editions
  • Cover design that is strong and unique to your work
  • Publishing to Amazon Kindle and Amazon paperback
  • Marketing advice and recommendations to help you make the most of your book
  • larger print runs for the UK market

Our authors receive 5 paperback copies of their finished paperback book free of charge delivered to a UK address.

What else can we do?

  • Text editing. Our authors usually provide us with a finished proof-read word document (it forms part of our publishing agreement). If you haven’t had the chance to get your book checked for errors, proof-reading is available.
  • Marketing material. We can produce posters and other marketing material to support your events and your marketing plan. An example might be a set of business cards sporting the cover artwork of your book and information on where to buy it.
  • Children’s books and other books requiring imaginative design. Take a look at our children’s books and you’ll find that each one is unique and delightfully characterful. We can ensure your work is beautiful too.
  • Image scanning. We can scan your slides, printed photographs and illustrations for you at cost.

What don’t we do?

  • We’re unusual in that we don’t require our authors to sign over their rights to us. This means you’re not shackled to us. Naturally, we hope very much that you’ll love our service and continue to publish future books with us for years to come!
  • This is not self-publishing. The publishing fee does not cover the purchase of the copyright for the cover design or the appearance of our books. Of course, you will be provided with a jpeg of the cover and other sample pages as required for you to use when marketing your book. If you would like to be a self-published author, we will be very happy to provide design and publishing services at cost.
  • We don’t publish works of an extreme nature. This is because we like everyone and we like everyone to be nice. Although authors should absolutely dare to be brave, we reserve the right to decline to publish your book if we feel we cannot adequately meet your requirements.

What is in the publishing agreement?

Our style of publishing is modeled on the collaborative system of publishing. When you sign our publishing agreement, you will be agreeing that your text is finished and we can publish your book for you. You’ll agree to contribute an agreed sum and you’ll state that your work is free from any legal challenges, copyright infringements or risk of libel. You will retain your rights over your work at all times. We will pay royalties for any sales through our outlets while your book remains on our publishing system. The agreement can be cancelled by either party with thirty days’ notice. We hope, however, you’ll love your publishing experience with us and write future magnificent works too!

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