Drop Redoubt. Copyright Paul Wells.

A new children’s book has been released featuring the extraordinary fortifications and WWII landmarks that span the famous White Cliffs of Dover.

The Clarendon Boys is an exciting children’s adventure for ages 10+ set in Dover during the period immediately after the Second World War. Four boys encounter dangerous secrets in the long dark tunnels beneath the Western Heights and this is only the start of their troubles, which soon include a naval mine, a train and a crashed aeroplane …

Engaging and particularly attractive to boys, this book features excellent detail on the era and the town itself. This is Jane’s second children’s book and her first for older children set within the environs of her home town. It draws on personal memories and tackles many of the difficulties faced by children who live in a time of rationing and shortages.

The Western Heights
The Western Heights consist of a huge range of fortifications situated along the western (believe it or not) portion of land between the town and the cliffs. They include the Citadel, pillboxes and lookouts, the enormous moats of the Drop Redoubt and the Grand Shaft, amongst others. If you are visiting the area, perhaps you’d like to take a look. Visit the Western Heights Preservation Society website for information on open days and other events. The photograph above shows part of the vast moat and fortifications of the Drop Redoubt. Copyright © Paul Wells.

Discover the spectacular locations within The Clarendon Boys!

9780993179938 The Clarendon Boys