The Circle of Our Lives - Di Alexander
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The Circle of Our Lives


Tales from a Cotswold farmhouse kitchen complete with special family recipes.

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The Circle of Our Lives
by Di Alexander

Around the Kitchen Table at Harcombe …

The pattern of the changing seasons reflects the ebb and flow of visitors to this lively farmstead in the Cotswolds. They may be artists or Nobel Prize-winning scientists, or they may be half-wild ponies in need of a good friend and a steady hand. But whoever they are, one thing is certain. All comers are sure of a good meal.

Discover nineteen original recipes and join Di Alexander for more true-life tales from Harcombe. (And learn that just as life changes, some things always reassuringly stay the same).

From the author of ‘beautiful’ The Harcombe Year, comes a fresh account of the people and animals who give life to a quirky Cotswold farm.

“It’s the circle of our lives” said Lorna as she walked back from feeding her ponies and goats in the steeply sloping field we call Slad. I was trudging up from Harcombe Valley where I had also been giving our ponies their breakfast. We met at the gate to the stable yard where so much goes on in the little world that is Harcombe.’

The rolling seasons are the pulse of life at Harcombe Farm – seedtime and harvest, winter frost and summer sun, the greening of the land, the blooming of wild flowers, the golden crops followed by the browning of the autumn landscape, the amazing views seen through skeletal winter trees …

In her warm and moving sequel to The Harcombe Year, Di Alexander invites us to pay a fresh visit to a special little corner of the Cotswolds.

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