Polly Williamson - Where did I go?

Where did I go?


The powerful new book by former Champion eventer Polly Williamson on rediscovering her identity, lost after a traumatic brain injury

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Where did I go?
by Polly Williamson

Rediscovering my identity, lost after a traumatic brain injury

Polly Williamson’s life changed the day a dramatic incident with a young horse left her with a horrific head injury. She was a horse trainer and former Champion eventer. She was a wife and mother to two young boys. The accident severed her connection to this former life. It stole away her ability to care for her children and left her struggling to rediscover who she was.

Surviving a near fatal brain injury brings a person face to face with the very basis of their identity. Some will be lucky and pick up their former lives with barely a missed step. Others will have everything that holds them to who they were stripped away by brain damage.

Polly has had her world shattered and seen the fragments of her identity laid bare. Where did I go? is the powerful record of her efforts to pick up the pieces and put her life back together again.

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