Where did I go by Polly Williamson

We are delighted to issue advanced information on forthcoming 2016 title WHERE DID I GO? by Polly Williamson.

Rediscovering my identity, lost after a traumatic brain injury

“8 December 2011: I went to a small horse competition in the morning. That much I do remember. After that absolutely nothing.”

Polly Williamson is a former Junior European Eventing Champion. She won six international gold medals representing the GBR equestrian team during her career (under the name Polly Lyon) and she was crowned Junior European Champion at the age of eighteen. She is a wife and a mother to two lively boys, and she is currently a respected trainer working with world class horses and their riders. Her expert advice features regularly in top equestrian magazines and blogs … Wife, mother and horse trainer: The three elements that define Polly Williamson’s life read like a catalogue of care and determination.

That determination was to prove vital when she sustained a horrific head injury in a dramatic incident with a young horse and it left her connection to her former life in tatters.

Where did I go? is a brave account of recovery from a ‘traumatic brain injury’ and its impact on both the body and the mind. Polly’s story makes readers face questions about the links between identity and the ability to process emotions, and join the struggle to regain a sense of her former self, which is made all the more poignant by the knowledge that it is essential for the sake of her children.

Topical: Many high profile personalities and sportsmen have sustained similarly horrific injuries in recent years: Richard Hammond, Michael Schumacher, James Cracknell, to name but a few. The summer of 2015 saw brain injuries become a topic for discussion when concerns were raised about repeat concussions sustained by World Cup Rugby players and also the near miss experienced by Olympic medallist William Fox-Pitt.

Some of those sportsmen and personalities have been lucky and picked up their former lives with barely a missed step. Others have had everything that holds them to who they were stripped away by brain damage. Now Polly tells the story of her accident and recovery; the story of how a mother faced an extraordinary challenge to rediscover her lost identity.

  • WHERE DID I GO? is published in Spring 2016 to ebook and paperback.
  • Foreword by a notable sportsperson (to be announced in January 2016)
  • Preview copies available from mid January 2016. Register your interest now: books@crumpsbarnstudio.co.uk

The topics covered within Polly’s book are detailed here in our Additional Information download.